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Welcome to the Sanders Ranch website!

Herd from abovThe Sanders Ranch is a family farm owned and operated by the Sanders family. We operate Battlefield Equestrian Center, Inc., as a business on our Ranch and have done so since 1983. Although we are primarily a boarding facility, we also lease horses by the year (we do not lease horses by the hour), we breed our own brood mares to stallions on different farms, some of our clients breed their mares as well, we train our clients to improve their riding skills, we train their horses to become better for our clients and we train our own horses from the day they hit the ground, through their ground manners and continue their training through riding in whatever discipline they are best suited. We occasionally sell one of our horses (usually to a client) and, at times, one of our boarders decides to sell their horse and we assist.

Kim and dogs
Kim Sanders

We try to run a 'Mom and Pop' type operation but do it well and have little turnover, most of which has been due to the transient nature of the area. As mentioned, we established ourselves here in 1983 so we've been at it for quite a while. We have our own horses here and treat yours as well as we treat our own. It's just Kim and I (with help from our friends and family) but we have enjoyed a solid reputation for 'Quality Care' for many years. We are members of several Equine Organizations:

Breed Organizations:

  1. Appaloosa Horse Club of America
  2. Shenandoah Blue Ridge Appaloosa Association
  3. American Quarter Horse Association
  4. American Warmblood Society
  5. International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association

Competitive Organizations:

  1. American Horse Show Association
  2. Virginia Horse Show Association
  3. United States Dressage Federation
  4. Virginia Dressage Association-Northern Virginia Chapter

Other Organizations:

  1. American Horse Council
  2. Virginia Horse Council (on Board of Directors)
  3. The Clifton Horse Society
  4. The Battlefield Equestrian Society (Founding Directors)
  5. Horse Works (Founding Directors)