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Leasing a Sanders Ranch Horse


NCometot long after we bought the farm and opened for business we found that, generally, the wife had a horse but the husband did not and was not sure he wanted one. Also, we encountered people that 'thought' they wanted a horse, or 'have always wanted' a horse but were not sure that they wanted to make the commitment, the permanence to buy. We knew from the beginning that we would never operate any kind of 'ride by the hour' operation because we felt that the wear and tear on the horse was not consistent with our philosophy. We decided to lease selected horses by the year.

That need started us out on a lease by the year program. The client signs a one-year lease for 'half' a horse for the month and shares the days of the week Leasingand the weekend days and holidays with the leasee who leases the other 'half' or — if client so desires — he/she can lease all the days of the month by leasing both 'halves.' Rates are not published on our website as they are subject to change. For further information please CONTACT US.

The client is required in the lease agreement to 'care for' that horse like it belonged to them... groom it, pick its hooves, etc., before and after riding, cool walk the horse if indicated and so on. We pick up all the expenses associated with the horse — farrier, vet, feed, etc.

We keep this part of our operation pretty small and select. Kim gives any prospective client a checkout on our bomb-proof animals and is not at all hesitant to decline the service if she feels that the individual is not experienced and qualified to lease. Such an individual may be considered for a conditional lease where they take lessons from Kim until she is satisfied that the individual is sufficiently qualified.