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Sanders Ranch - Facilities



About 140 acres on the Ranch, about 5000 acres next door at the Manassas National Battlefield Park and many, many miles of connecting trails through Bull Run Regional Park into the network of trail systems along the Occoquan watershed.


We have over a mile of 3 board oak fencing. The perimeter is tree or forest lines and 3-strand barbed wire is in place. All interior fencing is of the 3 board oak variety.

Holding Pens

Next to the barns we have 3 board oak holding pens each measuring about 40' x 60' one of which is partitioned into a smaller pen. For the most part, these pens are used to hold the horses for a client coming out that morning or that evening after feeding. They are also used to hold horses for the farrier or the vet and used for lame horses that don't want to be in a stall but needs to be confined to heal.



In the Arena Field


This contains a 100' x 200' ring with various jump standards, barrels, cavaletti, extra poles and is lit like a football field at night. It is made of 3 board oak fencing and has a clay base with a sand surface over the clay. It is an outdoor ring but the surface has proven to be a virtual all weather surface. We do not have an indoor ring.


Round Pen

Also in the Arena Field is a 50' diameter round pen with solid oak boarding (except the gate entrance) up to 6'. This essential training area has a bluestone surface.

Arena Field Course

The Arena Field is enclosed by a 3 board oak fence and has a field course with various cross country type jumps as well as a coup whose course winds around the ring and the round pen.

Field Course Through Pastures

We have a field course that winds through our lower pastures consisting of several coops and other field type jumps. We plan to add a field course to the upper field and connect the two.


Cross ties and saddle racks are located throughout each barn. They are well lit and you have easy access from the parking lot to the barns, holding pens and the arena field with the ring and round pen. For more info see BOARDING.


Farrier Stand

For a farrier to do a good job farriers need a flat surface and a containment area. We have a 10' x 15' concrete pad surrounded on 3 sides by 2 board oak fence with cross ties. Unfortunately for the farriers, it is not covered. If it rains farriers usually shoe in one of the large bay doors of one of the barns.

Farrier stand

Wash Stand

Constructed identically to the farrier stand with the addition of a hose. It is an outdoor washstand but sheltered by virtue of being between one of the barns and the bedding storage building.

Tack Rooms

We currently have 3 tack rooms. One is part of one of the barns and can accommodate approximately 60 saddles and associated tack. The second is a free standing building that is used for Kim's tack. The third is a much larger free standing building that is used by by both boarders and leasees. The extra space in the center of the third building has a large table and a set of chairs which provides our clients with a place to socialize.

Western saddle

Other Barns

We have three other 2-stall barns that we use for brood mares during foaling season and isolation for new horses. Each has between 1 and 2 acres of pasture.


We have about 110 acres of pasture and the rest is made up of woodland shelter and the facilities outlined above.

Parking Lot

We have a cement parking lot with space for trailer parking. There is a fee for trailer parking.