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Over the years we have bred primarily Quarter Horses and Appaloosas. We would take our mare to another farm to breed her to their stallion. Although we received much pleasure, excitement and joy each year, we eventually realized that our Breeding Operation was not successful from a financial point of view. We did not show these offspring to establish a name or reputation for The Ranch. Instead, they became pets or favorites of family members or, after Kim finished their TRAINING they became LEASE horses.

We experimented. We crossed one of our Arab mares to a Trakehner stallion. We crossed our best Quarter Horse mare to a well know Andalusian stallion and got an Azteca. We continued to breed our Appaloosa mares to various Appaloosa stallions. Then we started crossing our Quarter Horse mares to a Hanoverian stallion (Wedgewood, on Morning Glory Farm) and found the right niche for our Quarter Horse mares: a large muscled, large bone, tall, athletic sports horse. The same thing came about with our Appaloosa mares. We found the right stallion (the original Waps Spot 2 line at JG Appaloosa Sport Horses). For information on these fine stallions please CONTACT US.

Breeding programWhat we are now breeding on the Warmblood line are very athletic hunter, jumper or dressage prospects. We are registering them with the American Warmblood Society. Kim does all the training. Although we have many more on the way up, we have a 3 year old that she is putting the finishing touches on this year in 2001 with plans to compete.

On the Appaloosa line we are very pleased with the prospects coming from the crosses to the JG Appaloosa Sport Horses line, for western pleasure, hunter jumper and sound, solid trail horses. Again, we have foals, yearlings and 2 and 3 year olds going through Kim's training.

We hope to start showing some of these prospects, establish a name for ourselves as well as the horses, and have a breeding operation that is more than just an aesthetic, warm fuzzy contribution to our overall operation.   See SALES.